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Quotes 54

“As I’ve gotten older, I’m realizing that life is about context and clarity. Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Do people get the full context of what you said or wrote? It’s not so much about agreement or disagreement, but of understanding and seeing things from all sides of an… Continue Reading

Quotes 52

“Be conservative in your outlook and how you will live your life daily; but be liberal in your enjoyment of beauty, entertainment, and the things that will make you live a joyous life. However, many people are liberal in their outlook and how they live their life daily; but become conservative in pursuit of a… Continue Reading

Quotes 51

“Being religious does not mean that you suppress human nature. It does mean that we acknowledge it and not deny it. Then we give it over to the one who can help us control it.” Continue Reading

Quotes 50

“I prefer clarity over agreement, and I prefer clarity over change. Because with clarity, I can always get agreement (even if we disagree), and I can accept and embrace change, because I will have the understanding, of why it’s happening.” Continue Reading

Quote 48

“In the history of our church, storytelling came first. Theology, doctrine, and scholarship came later. Ours is an age of electronic parables. Every movie and TV show presents a worldview, a set of beliefs that tell us who we are, where we came from, and how we’re supposed to behave in this life.” (John R.… Continue Reading

Quote 47

“It’s interesting to me that people who want you to be open-minded, only accept that when you agree with their viewpoint. I thought being open-minded allow for a diversity of viewpoints through rigorous discussion or debate. So, I’ve become leery of those who claim you are not open-minded because you don’t agree with their viewpoint.” Continue Reading

Quote 46

“All life, high and low, sordid and noble, vile and pure, is the province of art. Surely if the Bible is to be our standard we must admit that nothing lay outside the province of the inspired writers.  A Christian writer cannot be a significant writer if his vision does not include the whole of… Continue Reading

Quotes 45

“Every good book should be entertaining. A good book will be more; it must not be less. Entertainment….is like a qualifying examination. If a fiction can’t provide that, we may be excused from inquiry into its higher qualities.”  (C.S. Lewis) “I got into this row, big, at the novel conference at Harvard, when…we had a… Continue Reading