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Wisdom of Kammbia 3.31: The Descendant of Destiny by Marion Hill

Here’s the cover to my upcoming novel, The Descendant of Destiny.   I have been working my novel for the past several months and not blogging as frequently.  I’m planning for a March 2014 release of my novel.  Here’s a brief overview of the story: The Descendant of Destiny is a Christian Contemporary Fantasy Novel and… Continue Reading

Wisdom of Kammbia 3.30: The Importance of the Writer-Reader Relationship

I believe this quote should make writers realize the importance of the writer-reader relationship and that we don’t disrespect that connection. “What disrespect we writers have for the people who read our work. Our readers don’t expect perfection every time we publish a book. They expect a good read, something to take them from their… Continue Reading


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