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Marion’s favorite books that he has reviewed.

Book Review 149: Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint

In nearly 150 reviews, I have not reviewed a short story collection. I do not have an explanation for this oversight other than I don’t read a lot of short stories.  However, I have reviewed one of my favorite writer’s short story collections to end my reading year of 2018.

Dreams Underfoot is the first short story collection of urban fantasy legend Charles de Lint set in his fictional city of Newford.  Newford is inspired by his hometown of Ottawa, Canada.  The collection of nineteen tales introduces many of the main characters that make up the novel length stories like Memory & Dream, Trader, Someplace to be Flying, Widdershins, and many others.

This collection read like interlinked stories instead of individual stories complied together. I had several favorite stories like Timeskip, a story about a young man who falls in love to a woman from the past.  Freewheeling, a story about a drifter who cut open locked bicycles to set them free. Pity the Monsters, a story that reexamined the Frankenstein legend and had an interesting take on the adage that “beauty is only skin deep.” These stories provided depth and texture to the world of Newford and made Dreams Underfoot an enjoyable read.

Charles de Lint acknowledges in this podcast interview that Dreams Underfoot is his recommendation for newcomers to his stories.  I would concur with that recommendation and add if you enjoy reading short stories, then you should read Dreams Underfoot. I will read and review more short story collections after my experience with this collection. Recommended.

Book Review 146: Green Lantern Mosaic #1 by Gerard Jones and Cully Hamner

A reader asked what influenced my fictional world of Kammbia by email a few days ago. I thought about this question since that email and I had always believed my direct influences were Charles de Lint’s novels about Newford, Canada and Jorge Amado’s novels about Bahia, Brazil.  I’ve had read both authors throughout my adult… Continue Reading

Book Review 145: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

It has always fascinated me on what makes art sells over the long term.  Whether Star Wars from Film, Harry Potter from Books, Michael Jackson’s Thriller from Music, or Seinfeld from TV, it’s been interesting to see what makes the public connect with certain artistic works over the years. I have read plenty of internet… Continue Reading

Book Review 142: The Girl on Paper by Guillaume Musso

I will admit that I’m a reader for story more than anything else.  Beautiful wordplay and language is nice and interesting.  I can appreciate technical craftsmanship.  It doesn’t mean I won’t read challenging or difficult novels. But it must have a story at its core regardless of genre. Story is my reading love language and… Continue Reading


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